When should I push the ALERT button?

A: You should alert your Guardian Angels when you feel threatened and want to call their attention and let them know your approximate position.

What if I only want to get in contact with one specific Guardian Angel?

A: By just pushing the picture of the Guardian Angel you’d like to get in contact with, you will initiate a normal phone-call to him/her. You should be aware that no position data is sent in such case.

When should I push the SOS-button and call 112?

A: The Emergency number, 112, shall only be used in urgent emergency situations where lives, property or environment is at danger.

When do my Guardian Angels get to know my position when using WalkMeHome?

A: Your Guardian Angels get to know your position when you push either of the four activity buttons; START / ALERT / DEACTIVATE / DONE.

Do I really have to reveal my position to my Guardian Angels each time I use WalkMeHome?

A: If you would like to use WalkMeHome without revealing your position, you could simply turn off the positioning settings (GPS & Network) and WiFi, on your phone.

How accurate are the position data which is sent to my Guardian Angels?

A: WalkMeHome uses several sources, GPS, Network, WiFi, to find the best possible position data in different environments. Your Guardian Angels will get an indication on the accuracy of your position data when you push any of the activity buttons. The message will say that you are ON the specific address when accuracy is within 30m, NEAR when accuracy is between 30-150m. When accuracy is less than 150m the message will contain a specific accuracy measure, eg; “+/-293m”

Can WalkMeHome find my position anywhere?

A: No. When you are indoors the positioning data will normally not be very accurate. When you are far from a street or road, maybe in a park or in the woods, WalkMeHome will translate your position data to the nearest street address, which might be far from where you actually are. However, your Guardian Angels will see your actual position when the open up the map-link.

Will WalkMeHome work anywhere?

A: No. If you are in areas with bad mobile network coverage WalkMeHome might not be able to communicate properly with the back-end server solution. Furthermore, your phone might not be able to send SMS. Hence, the functionality is dependent on that you are within good mobile network coverage areas.

Can I use WalkMeHome on any mobile phone?

A: You need a Smartphone to use WalkMeHome. WalkMeHome is available both for iPhone and Android-based mobile phones.

Do my Guardian Angels also have to use Smartphones for the service to work?

A: Your Guardian Angels can use any mobile phone since they receive your messages and position through SMS. However, if they do not have access to internet, they will not be able to see your exact position on Google Maps, and they will not be able to confirm that they are watching over you.

Can I use any Android-phone to use WalkMeHome?

A: You need to have Android-phone with software-version 2.1, or newer. If you have a very early Android-phone, you can normally upgrade the software. Just follow the instructions at the makers’ website.

In what countries does WalkMeHome work?

A: WalkMeHome is available for download in all countries. You can use it when you travel abroad, however you need to be aware that it can be quite costly to use the service abroad since most operators internet,- and sms-fees are high when you are outside your home country. Warning – the SOS button will connect you to the emergency number “112” – in some countries the emergency number is different and/or are differently used than in Sweden.

Will this app really save from bad things to happen to me?

A: Unfortunately not. You should continue to use your common sense and to take all measures to prevent you ending up in threatening situations. Using WalkMeHome can help you getting in contact with your closest personal network in a situation where you feel threatened or insecure. Since your Guardian Angels will know your approximate position that might also help them to initiate appropriate measures.

Isn’t WalkMeHome just another way to send SMS?

A: No, not at all. Your Guardian Angels will get to know your position and destination in a very convenient way. The key reason WalkMeHome uses SMS as communication means are it’s robustness, reliability and that your Guardian Angels can join even if they do not use a Smartphone.

When is SMS sent to my Guardian Angels?

A: Your Guardian Angels get to know your position whenever you push either of the four activity buttons; START / ALERT / DEACTIVATE / DONE.

Can I use WalkMeHome with a prepaid subscription.

A: Yes.

Could I choose any destination or time period when I activate WalkMeHome?

A: If you want to choose your own destination, you just choose “to…” under destination and key in your specific destination. You can then choose time period from 5 min up to 5 hours.

Why do I have to set a time period, even when I may not know the exact time I’d like to use WalkMeHome.

A: You need to choose a time period for the sake of your Guardian Angels who need to know approximately for how long you would need them watching over you. Should you be delayed and you want to prolong a session, you will get that possibility when your session times out.

Can I use other app’s while I use WalkMeHome?

A: Yes, that is normally not a problem. You will get the WalkMeHome symbol up in the left corner of the activity field on your screen indicating that WalkMeHome is running.

How do I know that my Guardian Angels are awake and are watching over me?

A: When you push the START button and by that activate a WalkMeHome session, your chosen Guardian Angels gets a SMS with your Position, your Destination and your planned Duration. When they click on the attached link, the check in as your Guardian Angels, and their picture/symbol is highlighted on your screen.

What if I do not want to worry all of my Guardian Angels? Maybe the hour is quite late, I don’t want to wake up my mom and dad.

A: Easy, you just de-activate them as Guardian Angels just before you push the START button, and they will not receive your SMS. If you want to permanently replace any of your Guardian Angels, you just choose the “My Angels” button which you find when pushing the physical button in the left hand corner below the display.

None of my Guardian Angels seem to have checked in, and I need to hurry home. What do I do?

A: Maybe they have not yet noticed your SMS. You could call them by pushing their picture/symbol on the WalkMeHome screen to make sure they are awake and able to watch over you.