Choose your guardian angels

A unique feature of WalkMeHome is your personal Guardian Angels. These are your trusted and closest friends and family. People you would normally call when you need help, comfort or support. With WalkMeHome you create a social micro-network consisting of your closest ones. Then you can always easily and quickly get in touch with your Guardian Angels when you feel unsafe, or find yourself in a scary situation. With WalkMeHome you can simply chose your guardian angels among your loved ones and best friends by just adding them from your contact book. Maximum 5 angels can be activated at the same time. Before your Guardian Angels can watch you, you have to send an invitation SMS to them. If you have a close and trustful relation – they will most likely accept being your Guardian Angel.

Becoming a Guardian Angel

When you receive an SMS with an invitation from a friend or relative who ask you to become their Guardian Angel, you simply accept the invitation by doing nothing. By not responding you accept to become an angel. However, you should still read through the Terms & Conditions of the service before serving as a Guardian Angel. If you do get an invitation from someone that you, for some reason, don’t want to watch over, you simply reply by returning the invitation SMS to the sender who should then deselect you as an angel. To be trusted as a Guardian Angel is something to be proud of!


How it works

When you start your walk with WalkMeHome, you can alert your guardian angels at any time if you feel threatened or want to call their attention. Through a single click on the ALERT button your guardian angels can get information about your current position via a text message. Your guardian angels also get a link to a map where they can see your location. If you just want to call your guardian angels, you can simply contact them by clicking on the picture/icon on the screen. You will instantly call the chosen guardian angel. Remember that he/she will not receive any information about your position.

Alert with Sony Mobile LiveKey™

If you have a Sony Mobile device with a LiveKey™ button, you can alert your guardian angels simply by pressing this button. LiveKey™ is a function that is included in the LiveSound™ headphones from Sony Mobile. For more information about LiveKey™, visit


How it works

WalkMeHome uses your phones GPS for determining your position. WalkMeHome sends your position to your Guardian Angels when you push the START-button, when you press the ALERT-button and when you press the DONE-button. WalkMeHome will NOT send information continuously about your whereabouts. If you are indoors GPS will not work and WalkMeHome will use the signal strength from surrounding cell towers to determine your location. This method is not as accurate as GPS so your location will be approximative. The accuracy of the position will be stated in the SMS sent to your Guardian Angels using the words on (+/-30m), near (+/-150m) and specific measure when accuracy is worse than +/-150m, eg; “+/-293m”. If your GPS, wifi and network positioning is switched off WalkMeHome will ask you if you want to activate them or not if you choose not to activate, your position will NOT be sent to your Guardian Angels.

About positioning and personal integrity

There is always a thin line between safety and personal integrity. WalkMeHome will just send your position when you start, alert and finish WalkMeHome. If you do not want your Guardian Angels to know this please switch off your GPS, wifi, network positioning and WalkMeHome will not send your position to your Guardian Angels. Remember that you can always deselect one or more Guardian Angels when you start WalkMeHome and that will also prevent them to receive positioning information.


Emergency telephone number

WalkMeHome is developed and tested on the Swedish market. When pushing the SOS Alarm-button in case of emergency the phone number 112 is activated. In most of the European countries the 112 number is working as an emergency number. In some countries the 112 number is redirected to another national emergency number.

Be careful

WalkMeHome is a wonderful app but it does not mean that you can forget all about normal safety measures. WalkMe home is a powerful additional safety tool that adds to your personal safety in many situations. And remember…Be careful out there!