“I want to be in contact with my mother if anything bad should happen”

“I just pretend to talk – it feels safer if people think I have someone on the line”

“I always call my friends to make sure I can get  help from someone I can trust”

These are some of the explanations swedish IT-entrepreneur Gustaf Hansson at X h Mobile Solutions AB got when observing that many the girls he knows are talking on their cell phones while walking home alone late at night.
The girls expressed a strong feeling of being unsafe. This recurrent observation made Gustaf entertain an old GPS-positioning idea he had 11 years ago.

In 2008 the first “WalkMeHome” application draft was made and now the first version is available.

“WalkMeHome” is a unique mobile-based positioning and identification tool that lets your friends and family walk you home safely. The application is for ordinary people who want to feel safe by being able the attention for assistance in case of an emergency.

“WalkMeHome” is X h Mobile Solutions AB very first product and it is made together with our partner companies Sigma , inUse and Jayway , which are in the forefront when it comes to user interaction and mobile solutions.  You can expect more inventions from us in the future.